Olin Meusling Design

Duke Ellington

Record cover

A rapidly expanding genre that breaks with tradition is visualized by the exploding metronome. Ellington's music departed from the traditional on two planes: cultural and musical. The metronome exploding signifies the rapid physical departure and from traditional ideas. Both Ellington and this design take something powerful, emotional and intangible and put it to order, while still retaining the spontaneous and energetic qualities of the original creation.

YS Golf

Branding and Marketing Campaign

YS golf was developed as a holistic and multi-faceted branding campaign. The company embraces the winner's mentality and also combines classic style with modern technology. This is refelected in the re-contextulaiztion of different golf terms, as well as the clash of serif and screen based typography.

Chuck Palahniuk:Lullaby

Cover Design and Illustration

Lullaby is a novel about a nursery rhyme, that when read to babies and children, soon die inexplicably. The conceptual illustration attempts to give the reader a taste of what is to come without giving away the whole book. The style of this cover breaks with tradition, just as Palahniuk's writing style does.

Red Brick Brewery

Branding, Package Design

Red Brick Brewery is a line of locally brewed beers. The targer market is young entrepreneurs who drink at night to their success during the day. Three different flavors were developed and created.

Black Mauler

Concept Development, Packaging Design

what began as an experiment in trans-humanism,surpassed preconceived notions of what is possible. artificial intelligence was fused into animals. these hybrids soon became self aware. they were sterilized as a precautionary measure, but as their intelligence grew they leared to reproduce mechanically.

Amnesty International + CAC


Posters and a publication were developed for an annual event that advocates free speech.